• 6th


    Apr, 2023

    The biggest challenge for salespeople is finding someone to talk to. But we have good news! We have recently added the LeadStore to LeadHub which provides instant leads that you can purchase! There are several different types of you leads you can purchase. For example, we now offer orphan policyholder leads. These are people that […]

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  • 3rd


    Mar, 2023

    “Sales is nothing more than the transference of feeling. If you can make the customer feel the way you do about your product, your customer will buy your product.” Zig Ziglar If you think about the above quote by Zig Ziglar, it makes a lot of sense. I think the question we have to ask […]

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  • 1st


    Feb, 2023

    This tactic is really pretty simple: increase your activity. I’ve talked about activity before in this newsletter, but I think it bears repeating. Activity is the lifeblood of sales. You as a sales professional must constantly look for a way to get in front of people. With tax season upon us, there will be extra […]

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  • 9th


    Jan, 2023

    It’s time to ask yourself “are you happy with your results in 2022?” If so, you know exactly what you need to do in 2023! If not it’s time to reevaluate your efforts in 2022 and determine what you need to do differently. If you want changes in your results, you have to be willing […]

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