Founder’s Month is approaching fast! This is always a really big event for Security National, and this year will not disappoint. The details surrounding all of the bonus opportunities will be announced soon, so now is the time to be building up your prospect list. There will be some really good bonus levels and a few new things have been added this year.

Don’t forget we are also working on our second six-month agent bonus for 2022. What you do during Founder’s Month counts towards this also. Who doesn’t want to double-dip into the bonus pool? If you have questions, please ask your manager.

As always, I like to leave you with a sales tip. Get excited about Founder’s Month. Talk to your policyholders about it. It’s a perfect time to review coverage, meet the neighbors next door and get referrals. Excitement is contagious. Be positive. As I’ve said before, our people need us now more than ever!

Good luck, and have a great Founder’s Month!

Larry Burton, Regional Sales Manager